Gym Rat No More

Confession: I quit the gym. My $32.00 monthly membership through work will end on April 30th. I used to love the gym but as work has gotten busier and busier, I realized I was starting to resent it. Instead of spending my lunch hour racing there, changing, squeezing in some cardio and weights, managing a quick shower, and racing back with hair that’s not cute, I’ve been craving quiet time– lunch by myself, a book on the balcony of our downtown office, a stroll through the park to people watch. It started when I got the monster head cold and stopped going but I’ve been pretty inspired with the #PFworkout hashtag and community on Twitter. If my biggest struggle to exercise was to get to the gym, why not just remove it from the equation entirely? Now I’m working out at home and more regularly. It doesn’t hurt my case that the weather is warming up either.

Favorite gym-less workouts:

1. Blogilates and Cassey Ho, who I have been following religiously for almost a year now. From Shopping to Saving recently profiled on her blog. I couldn’t love her positive attitude more. It’s contagious.

2. Body Rock TV – a very controversial home workout system. I’m not a huge fan of the T & A shots and perverted camera angles but I also admit that it is crazy inspiring. The female leader of the workouts, Lisa, just had a breast augmentation, which I find disappointing since I’m an A cup myself and had admired her physique the way it was. It doesn’t really matter though; their community of body rockers‘ before and after photos is enough to keep me moving. I am mega-sore after every single workout. I don’t have the body sandbag or pull-up bars and I don’t step on my furniture like they do. Sorry, but my coffee table is for white wine, not my sneakers. This means I do a lot of modifications of their examples. If I stick with them for much longer, I think I will invest in the sandbag, around $100.00.


The difference between working out at home versus the gym so far is that I push myself a lot harder. Rather than get on the elliptical and sleep-hike to Mob Wives on VH1, I’m sweating my ass off. Not paying the $32.00 for the rest of 2012 bags me $256.00 dollars unspent too. It might be time to set some weight and fitness goals.