First 2014 Update

Current debt shared with M.: -$14.790.18, or +$3,533.45 paid off since my random, hey-I’m-back update in November. It’s not too shabby considering Christmas, travel and upcoming wedding costs. We have also been tucking away money into our IRAs each month.

Current heartache: I hate my job and feel guilty about it. They gave me a $7,000 raise at the beginning of January plus new quarterly bonus incentives and it did nothing for my desire to stay here. I find out early next week if I landed a position with another company that I want so badly I can feel it in my ribs. I’m in that gross stage of limbo where you just have to fold your hands and wait and act like your life doesn’t hang in the balance. Trying to not let my happiness hinge on the outcome of this is difficult. I’m 30 and I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and it’s so frustrating.