Personal Finance Blog Peeves

I can tell when you’re updating just to update.
We’re all guilty of this, myself included, hungry for our Alexa rankings to drop steadily. I’m trying to steer clear of doing this now because the more frequently I sense a blogger is just going through the motions, the less I am apt to stay subscribed and reading on a regular basis. I want to know about your personal stories, your hopes and dreams, your struggles with money, and all the back and forth. If I wanted to read another top ten list about how to shave my spending or whether or not credit cards are a smart idea, I’d read the bland articles that pass for content on

I don’t want to read a guest post. Ever.
Sorry I’m not sorry. I debated whether or not to even admit to this. But as soon as I see the italicized, This is a guest post at the beginning of a piece of content in my Google Reader, I click away. I subscribed to you, not to the washer and dryer company that’s paying you $15.00 a post to borrow your readers for 500 boring words. I’d rather watch paint dry. There are exceptions, of course. If the guest post writer is another blogger I follow and/or a personal, compelling story, of course I’ll read it.

You pass your own personal finance story as fact.
I can’t read the comments sections of some of my favorite blogs anymore because some of my favorite bloggers are constantly lecturing their readers about how it could be done better and faster the way they did it, as if their journey to debt-free was a one-size-fits-all glove and readers are ignorant to believe their experiences could be any different. It irks me.

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23 thoughts on “Personal Finance Blog Peeves

  1. I know what you mean. I think I commit another pf blog sin: not posting enough. I guess it’s the opposite of the update for updates sake. But if I don’t have anything I want to talk about, I just let my blog wallow for awhile. I’m way more active on twitter, of course.

    I also don’t mind guest posts that are from other people I follow. But sometimes posts are just sponsored posts or really boring stuff, and I don’t like it. I feel icky about sponsored posts, too. I’d only write one if it was for something I really and truly cared about, not just cause someone comped me a free item or paid me $20.

    I usually share my personal stories as a backdrop for a pf topic. Hopefully you’re cool with that!

  2. I can relate to some of your peeves! I try to stick to a 5 days a week posting schedule, but only if I have something to say. (Except Friday, which is always my link roundup day. I like promoting other bloggers!). As for guest posts, I do like to read guest posts that are from other bloggers – often it’s how I discover other new blogs to read. The paid posts – well, I can understand why, even if I don’t like the content. :)

  3. Regardless of what kind of blog it is, I pass always pass over the guest posts. More than likely, that person already is a reader/commenter on the blog. If they are that compelling, I will see that in the comments and follow them to their blog.

  4. I try to avoid posting just for the sake of posting.. I actually feel bad if I have 5-6 posts per week because it’s like spamming your readers. I think 4 posts/week is the ideal. When someone is updating everyday and I miss a day or two because life is busy, I end up with hundreds unread in my RSS reader and I hate that.

    Also, I particularly agree with your last point. It bothers me a lot when people try to tell others what to do with their money. I feel lucky because I escape relatively unscathed even though there’s lots to criticize (hello $4000 vacation!). Personal finance is very personal, and there’s circumstances in each of our lives that we do not share on our blogs but influence our spending in a myriad of ways. It’s important to be kind to each other. We’re all fighting the same battle, and we’re all on the same side!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I think a lot of personal finance bloggers must have been on their debate teams in high school. Sometimes I want to say, “Cool. STFU.”

  5. I can relate to what you are saying as well. I think some people feel like they HAVE to post something every day. A health and fitness blogger I follow even said she posts daily to stay accountable to herself. I can respect that. But just as it’s your right to post when and what you want, it’s my right to not read it, and if I lose interest more than a few times, then yes, I will unsubscribe. Like another commenter above, I don’t post often either, but I also don’t want to ever feel like I HAVE to post or that I have people EXPECTING me to post everyday. That’s WAY too much pressure for me, ha!
    I don’t mind guest posters really. I’ve found some great blogs that way.
    What I do mind are the posts that are infomercials in blog clothing. I understand that some people blog for a living and have to “pay the bills,” but when you are pushing or promoting a product Every Single Blog post it gets a little old. I don’t see it so much on recovery blogs, but on fitness blogs the advertising runs rampant.
    Have a great day B. and everyone!

    • I know what you mean. I stopped reading a few fitness blogs because every post seemed to be a review of flax seed or sweat wicking clothing. I just saw you updated today – I have been missing your updates and I’m off to read your post.

  6. I am sorry if I posted my debt free journey and made anyone feel bad :( It wasn’t my intention, I was just pointing out what I did and other scenarios….

    Ultimately, their money is theirs and I suspect no one really listens to anyone but themselves (myself included)

    Still, I apologize if it was me!

  7. I agree! I’m not into writing just for the sake of writing, although I DO feel guilty when I haven’t posted in awhile. As for the guest posting, I agree, but I still put guest posts on my blog. I try and only post decent ones and I always inform people at the top of the post and I don’t mind if there are no comments, I know people would rather not read them.

  8. I agree with you! But I am guilty of having sponsored posts. Most of these companies will pay me a decent amount (over $100 per post), so if it helps me with my debt then I can’t help myself. I’m sorry that they’re annoying.

  9. I admit that unless I already know and am a fan of the author, I tend to skip guest posts as well.. i don’t mind if my fellow bloggers use them (and we do feature them from time to time), because i understand that getting a little bit of blog income can help a ton with motivation..

    i do agree with you about the fluffy posts where people are just posting to post.. i know of blogs where it seems like every single thing they post falls into this category.


  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you mention the guest post by random crapppy-credit-loan- or whatever terribly boring posts… I love my daily dose of personal finance but those are SO boring.. (and make me get burnt out from reading PF for that day)

    I love the honesty throughout all your posts :)

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