I Gave Up My Side Income

I’m fairly sure the subject of this blog post speaks for itself but felt it was worth documenting. For those of you that read my About page before I recently edited it, I mentioned that I make $250.00 per month as a marketing guinea pig for online content. I did not try products, test things out, or do any research or heavy lifting. Simply put, a large corporation scheduled two hours of my time every other weekend to bounce ideas off of me as an unmarried woman in her late twenties, their target demographic. Four hours a month for $250.00 breaks down to $62.50 per hour. I know some of you are thinking, “Bad personal finance blogger!” or even, “WTF?!”

I felt it wasn’t worth my time.

Stay with me here. I work ten hour days at a minimum for my full time job, which I love and hold dear. I cherish the stuff I’m working on, the projects I manage, and the things I’m learning. The side income opportunity came to me when I was still at my entry-level job over a year ago and it made sense to take it on in order to increase the money I was bringing home every month, since it was so low at the time. I’m not making a giant amount more now at my new position, but I am enjoying it and I am working longer hours, two qualities I feel come with the responsibility I have been given since I was hired.

Two hours every other weekend when you’re fried from your work week can feel like a lot, especially if you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing. Loving my full time job gave me a kaleidoscopic view of all the things I wasn’t enjoying about my side income; I found it boring, uninteresting, and not worthwhile of my time or even theirs. It felt so hollow. When I was filled with dread at the idea of giving up two hours of my weekend time with M. twice a month due my obligatory duties for the side job, I realized it was quittin’ time. I gave them plenty of notice and politely backed out, citing all the demands on my time on weekdays and gently telling them they can find someone that is more invested in what they are doing. They were very kind and told me I can resume work with them any time in the future if I feel it’s something I want to pursue again.

Sure, I could use $250.00 more per month. Sure, money is all that much tighter now. But you know…sometimes it’s not about the money.

This might be my biggest lesson in 2012.

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25 thoughts on “I Gave Up My Side Income

  1. Might be a bad job for you at this time, but a good job for someone else. Mind telling me how you found out about this opportunity?

  2. I have learned that money doesn’t equal happiness. We are now a one income family, granted it’s only us two right now, but we managed to pay off 2 cars and save $2000 to move on only dear hubby’s income. Just a re-organization of priorities.

  3. It’s all about priorities! I’ve done the same too. When things are no longer worth it, then cut them out of your life. I make less now than I did a year ago (made more at my job then plus a regular side gig) but am much happier now in terms of life balance, and also more fulfilled at work.

  4. You are so right – sometimes it’s not all about the money. Those are definitely words to live by – if you don’t feel like what you were doing was working for you, whether you were time restricted or it was just not adding value to your life – then you were completely right to cut it out!

    Now, if they need a replacement guinea pig .. ;)

  5. I think you made a great decision. I think it’s easy to get caught up in making a lot of money but obviously, there are things worth more than extra cash

  6. It’s definitely not all about the money. Since you didn’t NEED it financially, the only reason to do it is if it was making you happy in some way. Since it seems like that wasn’t the case, it sounds like you made the right decision.

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