Links I Like Thursday! 4/5/12

So many great posts over the weekend and this week and my Google Reader just keeps getting fuller.

  1. Digging Out and Up – A Tale of Two Squirrels. I just found Cassie’s blog and I ADORE her.
  2. A Gai Shan Life – Married Life: Proposing a Merger. I feel that Revanche missed her calling as a writer, my stomach flips every time I see she has updated.
  3. Curiosity Killed the Blog – not any particular post, all of them! I just found it, a great resource.
  4. Blonde on a Budget – I’m Done with “No” Goals. Amen! Why deprive yourself?
  5. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Houses – Just Got Your First Real Job? Then It’s Time to Go to the Dentist

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