Shellac Pedicure Review

…At $65.00 including the generous tip I left, this is not for me!

I hosted a big four-day event at work this month so I thought I would indulge in a shellac pedicure at a local salon. Okay, slight lie. I backed M.’s car into a streetlight and then my wallet exploded. While the salon and the nail technician were wonderful, the pedi itself chipped on day three. Additionally, you’re supposed to have it professionally removed when you’re ready to go bare or change colors, another $15 just for the removal of the base. I didn’t go this route, opting instead to chip it off myself, damaging my nail beds of course. I hightailed it  back to my usual salon for my standard French mani gel nails on my fingers and I’ll do my own pedicures save for once or twice this summer, when I’ll get the normal kind.

A few chips might not bother some women, perhaps I might be too obsessive about my appearance. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my make-up, hair, nails, and clothes. Sorry I’m not sorry!

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5 thoughts on “Shellac Pedicure Review

  1. I have never really gotten into pedicures or manicures.. I know with manicures, it’s because I type and I just want my nails short and functional.

    With pedicures, I just forget about them because I’m pretty much always in ballet flats. :)

  2. I had gel nails for about a year, but gave them up due to cost (and I was biting my natural nails underneath them anyway, which having them was supposed to counteract for me). I luuurved the way they looked though! I’d imagine the shellac manicure would act the same way with the chipping, so I’m glad I didn’t book one for next week! Thanks for the review!

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