May 2012 Personal Net Worth

To recount, I estimate that on a great month, my personal net worth will increase by $1,587.00. I’m not going to include my liquid cash (checking account) in this tally since it varies and could skew the total.


  • $850.00 to student loan
  • $417.00 to Roth IRA
  • $320.00 to savings

= $1,587.00 increase per month, or 52% of my monthly income.

My personal net worth as of May 2012: $1,575.79. My second month in the black. :D

Goal for May 2012: $2,490.25.
Success or miss the mark: Missed the mark.
By how much: -$914.46. Ouch. This was a combination of overspending in April, moving almost all of my short-term savings to checking to cover that mistake, paying a hospital bill, and paying around $100.00 less than my usual $850.00 towards my student loan.

I don’t want to be too hard on myself. I still put 45% of May’s income toward my loan, Roth IRA, and savings. That’s pretty major. A little thing I like to call perspective!

Goal for June 2012: $3,162.79
Audacious Goal for end of 2012: $20,000.00

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