The Math Between My Money and Motivation

Whiny moan.

I’m in a rut. After Monday’s post about my depleted allowance amount, I allowed myself to feel run down by the entire week. Work was busy yet I was mostly unproductive, I never got my butt to the gym (UNHEARD OF in B. Land), and I have been generally moping about the house at night after work. I bought M. dinner at a restaurant and then took other friends out for brunch. I then broke my goal for the month by taking out a small direct deposit advance to cover utilities and groceries for the rest of the month. I’m embarrassed to admit that here but I need to keep it real.

This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed a direct correlation between the money in my checking account and my mood / attitude about my life. I am definitely not depressed or sad, to clarify, just feeling stagnant and 110% unmotivated. Alternately, when my accounts are heavily padded by a pay day, I’m pretty much unstoppable; gym six times during the week, healthy meals, lots of social outings, and I do more around the condo such as keep it sparkling clean and on top of laundry. I read like crazy, cook, relax, feel good.

Most of all I need to figure out how to deplete my school loan at an astounding rate, max out the IRA monthly, and pad an emergency account without compromising how much money is realistically left over. At the same time, I’m clearly living above my means lately and that makes my blog title feel like a cold lie.

I will work harder at this. Please don’t give up on me!