Are poor people less picky?

Before you jump down my throat, allow me to explain. The question for this blog post title is not meant in a judgmental way nor do I mean to try to fit everyone into neat little boxes, categorized by financial upbringing.

Are poor people less picky? is simply a question I asked myself earlier this morning. I have been thinking about getting a major haircut and I’m thinking about a) either doing it myself à la Bridget or b) swinging by a Great Clips or the like to have them do it for less than $30. I have no qualms with either of these options but when I mentioned it to a couple of girlfriends, the idea was met with open disdain. I have never been the kind of woman to be extremely protective of my hair, who cuts it, what products I use, and so on. Is this because I grew up poor? Maybe. I’m not poor anymore. Neither is my family. We’re okay now. But I think the beggars can’t be choosers mentality has engraved itself into my decision making process and I still don’t negotiate price for value.

Then the idea snowballed into other things. Memories of one of M.’s close friends poking fun of the fact that all of our household cleaning supplies are generic brand. Deferring to co-workers to decide where we go out to eat or where to take clients because quite frankly, I don’t care where we go and the few time I have made suggestions, they are met with, “That place is too inexpensive / not nice enough.”

Maybe I should grow a pair of balls and have some opinions. When I imagine having an adamant opinion about where to get a haircut, eat for dinner, or what I wouldn’t tolerate, I almost want to laugh. I’ve never felt that way. M. constantly tells me how lucky he is that I’m so low-key and undemanding with locations and outings, likely because he watches his guy friends bow to the every whim of their picky girlfriends. This isn’t to say he doesn’t treat me or spoil me, he absolutely does. But in life in general, I go with the flow and have a fantastic time no matter what.

So…is this because I feel like I don’t deserve any of it in the first place?