Cash Diet Update One

Money I had allotted to spend this week: $100.00
Money I spent this week: $101.57

So close! I cheated this week though. When I went to withdraw the cash for the week on the 1st, I decided to try $80.00 at first but accidentally typed in $8.00 cash back instead of $80.00. After that, I didn’t withdraw any more cash – just closely monitored all of my debit spending, literally willing myself to give up certain restaurant outings and coffee pit stops. Feel like I failed somehow even though I went only $1.57 over budget, which is a huge feat for me.

Excited for the next week. Already took out the $100.00 in cash but it’s going to sit quietly in my wallet all week. I’ve got a lot of work at the office (so very busy lately!) and at the condo (hi, crazy amount of laundry and cleaning) that I plan to stay occupied and out of restaurants and stores. The gym can be my exception since I have a membership. M. and I hit up the library this weekend as well. I’m going to behave.

Week two! Onward…

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